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New issue 1083 by changes in "Review request  
changed" pane presented in pain-o-vision

Reviewboard version:

It doesn't seem to say anywhere in the UI (which is another bug...)
-- Whatever's running internally at VMware.

Example URL:

VMware r/71002 change @ 2009-04-13 11:59 is a fine example.


1. Submit a review with a long description.
2. Update the review, changing a few words in the middle of the description.
3. Stand back.

I see:

``Description changed from "Entire text of the original description, in
italics, with all line break formatting destroyed" to "Entire text of the
updated description, in italics, with all line break formatting
destroyed".''  Notice how easy^Wfun that is to compare...

I want to see:

I would hope to see some sort of more sophisticated diff, since that is
after all reviewboard's raison d'etre.  A side-by-side diff of the old
and new descriptions, in reviewboard format; or a single copy with
removed text striked out and replacement text bolded; or something like
that.  Even just presenting the entire old and new descriptions would be
almost adequate _if_ their formatting wasn't utterly destroyed.

This also applies to other bulk text fields like ``Testing done''.


Looks equally horrible in Opera, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Lynx, w3m, IE7...

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