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New issue 1143 by Change to post-review in revision  
1988 makes the captured Perforce output file unreadable on Mac

I downloaded the post-review script from the Subversion repository at  
revision 1990 and attempted
to use it to submit a change to our server which is running a nightly  
snapshot from last December.
The post-review script exited with an error when it attempted to generate  
the diff file from
Perforce.  When I enabled debugging and attempted to run the failing diff  
command, I discovered
that the temporary file that was being used to hold the previous version of  
the file had the odd
permissions of -w-------.  After some poking around, I discovered that the  
_write_file method
had been updated in revision 1988 to explicitly call os.chmod(tmpfile,  
stat.S_IWRITE). If I change
the call to os.chmod(tmpfile. stat.S_IREAD | stat.S_IWRITE), then I am able  
to successfully post
changes for review.

I have a attached a patch file that contains the described one line change.

        post-review.diff  445 bytes

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