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Comment #1 on issue 1251 by chipx86: Review Board and git bare repository

Git has no concept of individual remote file checkouts from a repository.  
If you want
to fetch a single revision of a single, file, you first need a full  
checkout (synced
regularly, ideally on push) of the entire repository. And that has to be  

Yes, it's annoying, and we've worked really hard to come up with an  
that used Git's remote protocol to grab one single file, but it's not  
feasible. We've
also talked about automating a clone and keeping it in sync, but decided  
there are
too many interaction problems (we'd need to make it obvious when a repo is  
ready to
use, for example) and doing it behind the admin's back is kinda bad,  
considering how
much space may be needed.

What we are planning to do is to allow the user to supply a URL on a
gitweb/github/etc site that points to the raw file, given a filename and  
This would prevent the need for a local tree. We're hoping to do this for  

So, today, a bare repository won't work, and you will need a full clone  
regularly updated.

Hope that answers your question.

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