Comment #7 on issue 421 by jefflamb: Enhancement request: nag owners about  
stale review requests

I've created a standalone python script that does this and just uses the  
API URLs to figure everything out.  It currently
nags you if you haven't commented on a review request (because it could be  
the reviewer who hasn't responded to your review's
comments.)  It also doesn't look at age.  If you post a review at 9:59 and  
the script runs at 10, you'll get pinged.

It uses smtplib to send the mail.  No idea if this matches everyone's  
vision for this extension, but what I wrote works for
our group.

I have a couple of hardcoded variables, our mail server and the RB URL, in  
the script.  Maybe that's ok, though, since it'll
just be a cron job.  If hardcoded values work for you, it's already done.   
=)  If you need it to be flexible and want to
remove the hardcoded stuff, I will not be getting around to it any time  

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