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New issue 1275 by riskedal: Add capabilites for tracking reviews in  
progress, and for marking that a review has been read and reacted to

Describe the enhancement and the motivation for it.

We've been reviewing an extensive part of code (64k LOC of C++ code) using
the review-board and found two things missing.

1 - it is not possible to see which diffs are currently being reviewed by

Suggestion: Add a new column in the dashboard with "reviews in progress",
so that if someone has started a review (but not published it yet) others
could see that.

2 - it is not possible to see who has read and reacted to the reviews

Suggestion: it should be able to mark a review "read and reacted to" so
that it's "closed" in some way. If someone then later adds new comments to
an already "read and reacted to" review it becomes "open" again or
something similar.

Basically it was hard to distribute the reviews to developers (avoid
duplicate reviews happening concurrently), and it was hard to then
afterwards distribute the revewing of the reviews back to the original
group of developers.

What operating system are you using? What browser?
- windows 7 and linux, firefox

Otherwise, great tool. Thanks!


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