Comment #13 on issue 719 by bblough: Ldap auth not working with AD

Here's what works for me in our Win2k3 AD environment.  Replace the values  
brackets with values for your environment -

On admin/settings/general, under LDAP Authentication Settings:

* LDAP Server: ldap://<server FQDN>
* LDAP Base DN: ou=Recipients,ou=<domain name> Users,dc=<domain  
part>,dc=<domain part>
* Email Domain:  (blank)
* Email LDAP attribute: mail
* Use TLS: unchecked
* User Mask: (sAMAccountName=%s)
* Anonymous User Mask: cn=<service account name>,cn=<service account's user
container>,dc=<domain part>,dc=<domain part>,dc=<domain part>
* Anonymous User Password:  <service account password>


In our environment, normal user accounts are held in the Recipient  
container, which
is in turn held in the <domain name> User container.  If your structure  
adjust the OU entries accordingly.

The service account is required because we have anonymous binds disabled.   
service accounts live in a different container than our normal users, so  
adjust the entries as necessary.

Hope that helps.

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