Comment #3 on issue 1262 by watkinsig: comment window resizes oddly and  

This issue occurs on firefox as well, although the behaviour is slightly  

Thus, it is not a straight dupe of 1145.

Here is a series of screen shots showing the problem in RB 1.0 with firefox  

To reproduce:

Add a comment to any review.

Type enough characters to cause the window to grow via word wrap (more is  
better, see
screen shots).

Delete exactly 1 character using backspace. The comment window should  
revert to
default size with a scroll bar, and be scrolled completely to the top,  
while the
cursor remains in its previous position.

Delete exactly 1 more character.  The window should return to normal.  This  
repeat for every other character removed.

        snapshot2.png  8.4 KB
        snapshot3.png  5.5 KB
        snapshot4.png  5.1 KB
        snapshot5.png  8.0 KB

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