Comment #18 on issue 1072 by chipx86: HTTPS Subversion repositories don't  
work with Review Board

There are two options:

1) Upgrade to the 1.1 development branch (which, being in-development, may  
unstable and probably isn't suitable for development use).

2) Figure out what the home directory is for Apache (I don't know on  
Windows, but you
may be able to figure it out by turning on logging and temporarily  
modifying, say,
reviewboard/ to add:"Home directory = %s" % os.path.expanduser("~"))

to the very end of the file. Then restart Apache, go to a URL, and check  
the log file.

Once you have this, create a .subversion directory inside that directory.

Then, using command line tools, do an svn checkout of the URL you need. It  
verify your certificate or user information. You'll then need to take your  
~/.subversion directory and copy all the contents into the .subversion  
directory you
created for Apache, and make sure the .subversion directory and everything  
inside of
it is writable by the web server.

Note that I have not done this on Windows, so you may have to play around  
with this a
bit. The problem should go away, though, in 1.1.

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