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Comment #1 on issue 1139 by chipx86: Email submissions of requests

We've had a lot of discussion on this and decided against it. I'll briefly  
go over
the reasons why.

1) We have no control over the structure of the e-mails we get. This means  
that users
may change the quoting of what's being replied to and suddenly we don't  
know where
the comment belongs on the review. They may insert in the middle of a  
reply, or at
the top of the e-mail, or at the bottom. Suddenly structure falls apart and  
become far less useful for those using Review Board.

2) We now use HTML e-mails in 1.1, and these are less reply-friendly.

3) It's a lot to maintain and fix with only a relatively small number of  
users. The
work is disproportionate to the benefit of the feature.

4) We have no control over the encoding. We expect UTF-8 in Review Board,  
but we can
get e-mails in any encoding, and this can break things.

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