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Comment #2 on issue 1224 by chipx86: yellow diff highlighting is off by one  

Been looking into this. It's not just those lines. Most of the lines are  
off. Any
replace line, in fact.

This seems to be due to our markup and text lines being off. We compare the  
text lines and then generate the interline diff highlighting, and then  
apply the
highlighting to the HTML lines. However, we're applying them to a line too  
implying that the HTML line is off by one compared to the plain text lines.

This all appears to start with a block that looks somewhat like:

  * NOTE: Blah blah blah...
  *       Blah blah blah...
  *       total of 6 lines of this...

The highlighting here is wrong. It starts at the line before the comment,  
While both diffs show a blank line there, the diff viewer shows a replace  
line. This
implies that the lines are not equal.

I suspect there's a line termination issue here. Why it starts on that  
line, I do not
know. Perhaps there's something screwy in this particular change with the  
We would need a good, self-contained test case for this.

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