Comment #3 on issue 1277 by cybrocop: Comment Types

Here is a use case for Severity.

It is Thursday, 5:00 pm. You must submit your code by Friday according to  
the project
plan so that QA can test it at least 1 full day and hopefully there are no  
so that a release can be done on Monday.

You submit a 2000-line changeset. It gets reviewed by 5 people and overall  
you have
30 comments to deal with.

It is clear that by Monday, you will not be able to deal with all 20. How  
do you know
which one to focus on. Some issues may be minor, some may be major.

All of them are "defects". But you need to triage and find the most  
pressing ones.

The defects need to be categorized and labeled. If they had some visible  
label, then
I would scroll down through the review and focus on the 10 most critical  

The other defects, would get reported to the management and if the  
management accepts
the risk, then we could add a "//FIXME:" tag wherever there is an issue in  
the code
and commit it.

The defect type and severity should be prominently visible in the review  

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