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Comment #1 on issue 1363 by chipx86: API:    
/api/json/reviewrequests/<review_request_id>/reviews/  -- Non-existent  
reviews return 404 not found

This is how a proper REST API should behave. In fact, we should be doing  
this more
than we do. 404 means "not found" and in this case, that's exactly the  
correct response.

The idea of REST is that you make use of HTTP's built-in methods and  
responses as
much as possible, since they're universally supported. If you want to get  
without any side-effects on the server, you use a GET. If you want to post  
you use a POST. And so on. Likewise, built-in HTTP statuses should be used,  
clients all understand them.

Now, we don't do nearly as good a job as we should do. We don't use PUT,  
etc., and we don't always use the response codes 100% correctly, but in  
this case, it
is correct. Maybe down the road we could supply a JSON payload along with  
the 404 (as
most error codes can also return page content). This is a nice to have, but  
happen for 1.1.

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