Comment #2 on issue 1376 by post-review:  
--repository-url pointing to a file doesn't work

It makes perfect sense to me. A little explanation might be in order :)

Use case: I've got a developer who'd like to have his committed changes to  
a file
file.txt reviewed, let's say he started at revision 100 and finished at  
150. There have been five commits, so his commits are probably at 100, 110,  
130, 140 and 150 -- but this doesn't really matter, it matters that there  
were no
other changes to that file in the meantime, he's been the only developer.

Now I've been asked how to create a review for that. Normally, "svn diff -r
100:150 file.txt" would generate a proper diff, however post-review doesn't  
filenames for revision ranges. So I looked into documentation and notices --
repository-url parameter. Since in SVN every URL inside a repository may be  
out independently, I tried to use http://svn.server/svn/path/to/file.txt as
repository URL.

"post-review -d -n --revision-range=100:150 --repository-
url=http://svn.server/svn/path/to/file.txt"; ran without problems and has  
proper diff for that single file for revisions 100 to 150. It's only when  
review tried to submit that diff to Review Board that problems began.  
replaced the "Info:" field in the diff with
"http://svn.server/svn/path/to/file.txt/file.txt"; (previously  
just "file.txt")
assuming that filename in the diff should be attached to the base path  
given as --
repository-url. This is not really correct -- if the URL points to a file,  
filename should be removed from the path between diffing and uploading to  
Board. In that case, filename gets attached properly and RB accepts the  

That said, I fully understand that I might be bending RB's strain features  
quite a
bit and would prefer doing this all properly. For that, I'd need a way to  
changes to single files over several commits -- again, I know developer  
is probably the Right Way (tm) to go, but my fellow developers don't even  
grasp the
necessity for proper commit messages, not to mention proper atomic bundling  

I hope this explanation made it a bit clearer to you.

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