Comment #4 on issue 1506 by locomocogogo: Get "Unable to read" error while running rb-site upgrade

Thanks. I didn't use the upgrade option with rb-site. I just fresh install the new
reviewboard and hook it up to the old DB via and it works.

I moved onto set the authentication setting to use NIS with domain name and it also

Just curious, where is the authentication setting information stored now? On the 0.4-pre version, there was some change in to set BUILTIN_AUTH to False and a AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS list is specified. I cannot find similar stuff in this newly installed copy. Is it stored in DB (if so which table)? Also the newly installed copy does not have many files compared to 0.4-pre, and it looks like it
references (symlink) back to the egg directory in the
/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/. Is this normal? I actually prefer reviewboard to
have its own copy files instead of having symlinks back to a lib.

Yes, since I can fresh install it. Please close the bug.

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