Summary: Diffs containing only indentation changes causes the diff viewer to look empty
        Status: Confirmed
        Labels: -Priority-Medium Priority-Low Component-DiffViewer

Comment #1 on issue 1511 by chipx86: Diffs containing only indentation changes causes the diff viewer to look empty

Okay, I've investigated this a little and it can basically be reproduced with a diff
such as:

--- filename.foo (...)
+++ filename.foo (...)
@@ ... @@
  Some text
  Some text
-  <Foo>
+ <Foo>
  Blah blah
-  </Foo>
+ </Foo>

Notice how the only thing that is changing is the indentation. To Review Board, this really means nothing has changed. We don't show leading whitespace changes. So, internally, it's finding that nothing has changed with the code and when we go to render this and see no changed chunks, we consider this to be a file in the changeset without any changes and we remove it from the list. This is important for interdiffs,
which is mostly why the logic is there.

So, this particular diff in question isn't doing anything but changing indentation and Review Board is therefore not seeing that anything is really up for review.

We probably should be a little more graceful about this, but I will point out that this is the first time we've seen this sort of an issue where a diff containing nothing but indentation changes has gone up and confused people. We can look at may be special-casing non-interdiffs and displaying some indication that the file hasn't

Given the rarity of the case, though, it's not a huge priority at the moment.

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