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New issue 1521 by emil.sit: git format-patch/send-email equivalent workflow for post-review

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I'm working on a project that is currently using git format-patch and git
send-email to conduct reviews.  We'd like to replace this with reviewboard
(using the 1.5beta).  As far as I can tell, is only able to
diff the current branch against some tracking branch as a single review.

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It'd be extra awesome if:

* the "download diff" option reproduced the output of git format-patch so
that one could download a review diff and use git am with it.
* this workflow created "dependent patches", to indicate that review 2
depends on review 1, and also bundled reviews 1, 2, ... together.

Gerrit has the idea of "change identifiers" as explicit metadata in the
commit message which allows it to track different versions of a patch; this
might come in handy somewhere.


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