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New issue 1531 by regis.duchesne: joeuser's list of review requests should include private ones when viewed by joeuser

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I (user=hpreg) have plenty of reviews in flight. They have 3 states, over time:

1) Private (a.k.a. pending): I'm working on it, I look at the diff, I refine it, but it is not public so
nobody else but me can see it.

2) Public. Everybody can see them.

3) Submitted

When I go to, I can see #2 and (optionally) #3 above, but I cannot see #1, which makes it hard to locate my work-in-progress reviews (I
have to My Dashboard, then click on Outgoing Reviews).

When other people go to that page, they should not see #1 obviously (otherwise it would no
longer be private).

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Mac OS 10.5.8, Safari 4.0.4

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