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New issue 1535 by emil.sit: postreview should automatically update existing reviews on subsequent calls (for git)

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What version are you running? 0.8

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The current post-review workflow for git seems to be oriented towards
having an branch reviewed as a single diff against an upstream (cf Issue
1521).  However, it is somewhat tedious to update a review after making
additional commits to deal with reviewer feedback.  In particular, you have
to manually track the review id and pass it in as -r <id> in order to have
post-review updates the existing request instead of creating a new one.

It'd be nice if post-review could track that the current branch is being
reviewed as review <id> and automatically update the existing review with a
new diff.

Please provide any additional information below.

It'd be possible to do this by using git tags.  The trick here would be
knowing to remove a tags after the branch is merged and the review is
submitted.  Or, post-review could do some local state caching elsewhere
(perhaps in git config or just some local file) that would not be user

Another option would be to require some sort of Change ID (cf again Gerrit
and Issue 1521) and do the checking on the server side.

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