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New issue 1540 by emil.sit: Add basic sanity checks to git repo URL mask checking

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When adding a new git repository, you have to specify some URL mask to
allow reviewboard to access the raw files (to generate diffs).  An improper
URL mask can lead to exceptions.

As a first pass, RB should somehow check that (a gitweb) URL at least
generates some sort of gitweb-like output if you pass in some bogus hashes,
as opposed to a 404 or 500 or other server error, at the time the
repository is created.  (I suppose this should merely be advisory, since
the server in question might be offline at the time it is being added to

When there are errors, of course, the exceptions should be caught and
brought to an administrator's attention.  (I don't know what the timeout
behavior is, but that should probably be configurable too so that the RB UI
remains usable if the remote gitweb/etc server is down.)

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