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I didn't have any other huge problems with the installer but there was another thing
you'd might consider.

Since I was evaluating I sandboxed reviewboard and it's dependencies by using virtualenv, which made it very hard for me to use my systems apache or lighttpd. This was something I didn't think about until the setup was done but since lighttpd is easy to run standalone on any port this wasn't much of a problem, I just had to add server.document-root (I used /tmp/) and server.port to the generated lighttpd.conf to
make it work(don't know if this will cover all cases).

With all the problems concerning distribution packages and python packages I don't think I'm the only one that does this and it would've been nice to have some pointers in the documentation, output from rb-site or/and commented options in lighttpd.conf
to make testing even simpler.

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