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New issue 1554 by nahor.j: Replace "Summary: " with "Review <#> - "

What version are you running?
Review Board 1.5b1

Describe the enhancement and the motivation for it.
In summary area, the current output is "Summary: <summary> [edit]". I think
it would be more useful to put something similar to what Bugzilla has:
"Review <#> - <summary> [edit]".

- "Summary" doesn't really bring anything useful.
- In the review page, the review number is currently not listed anywhere
except the URL itself. If one want to write the number somewhere (like in
an email or something), one has to "hunt" for it.
- When using post-review, it is useful to have the review number in the
commit message. With the review number next to the summary, one can just
copy/paste the summary line in his commit message.

For clarification, here is our intended workflow:
- user A commits a fix in the source tree with message "Fix bug XYZ"
- a post-commit hook adds a review in Review Board via post-review
- user B adds a comment to the review
- user A commits a fix with the message "Review A: Fix bug XYZ", copy/paste
from the summary
- the post-commit hook notices the "Review A" message and updates the
existing review with the new diff instead of creating a new one.

Note: this feature was also requested in issue 657

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