Comment #6 on issue 1552 by trowbrds: Need option to expire cookies

I certainly didn't mean to give you the impression that I don't care about security. I do, it's just that when it comes to security, cookie expiration doesn't make a
difference one way or the other.

For stolen endpoints, you still would have the problem of browser history and cache. The only way to prevent data from being stored on-disk here is to run a browser in incognito/private mode, in which case the cookie isn't a problem anyway. The real way to protect your secrets on these devices is to have the device locked in some way
(authentication turned on, perhaps encrypted filesystems, etc).

If a secret is important enough that you're willing to inconvenience your users over it (login every time, or encrypted laptop filesystems+login, etc), it's really worth
putting your reviewboard server behind a VPN.

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