Comment #3 on issue 1576 by allyourcode: my code review requests are listed under "incoming" on my dashbaord

Thanks, chipx86. Here are some more reasons:

Isn't seeing such a mixed list the purpose of the "All My Requests" tab? Similarly, if I'm interested in my own review requests but not others', isn't that what the
"Outgoing" tab is for?

For me, my own review requests are pure noise when the appear in the "Incoming" list. Imho, the point of the "Incoming" tab is to draw my attention to everything that needs it. My own review requests are a distraction, because if I ever felt that I should have done a change differently, I wouldn't need to make a recommendation to myself to do it. I'd just go ahead an implement the improvement (and possibly ask
others to review the subsequent change).

Also, if I have no pending review requests, I want that list to be empty so I can quickly tell that nothing requires my attention. Instead, I have to scan through the
list only to notice that everything there was sent from me.

It's typically the case that one is in a group that one sends a review request to, which means your own reviews practically always show up in your "Incoming" tab whenever you use the "Groups" field. On the other hand, if you send a review request to a bunch of individuals (usually a subset of your teammates), the review request will not appear in the "Incoming" tab (unless you made the mistake of sending the review request to yourself). This seems like an arbitrary distinction for determining
which of my review requests will show up in my "Incoming" tab.

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