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New issue 1583 by jacob.kaplanmoss: Review Board doesn't work with private Mercurial repositories

Bitbucket has authentication issues with private repositories, which makes Reviewboard (1.5 beta 2) fail
when posting reviews against private repositories.

I *think* this is a Bitbucket problem, so I've filed an issue over there: However, if it can't be fixed on the Bitbucket
side it might be nice to add a work-around here.

In a nutshell, Bitbucket isn't responding with an HTTP 401/WWW-Authenticate when accessing files from a private repository; this causes post-review to fail with an error message about the patched file not being found in the repository. The error message is misleading, actually: the problem really is that
the request for the file returns an HTTP 403.

I'll try to come up with a workaround and post a patch myself, but my naive attempt (always sending authentication data instead of waiting for a HTTP 401) isn't working. I think a better workaround would be to make Reviewboard use SSH when accessing private Bitbucket repositories, but I'm not yet familier
enough with Reviewboard to see exactly how to do that.

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