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New issue 1597 by Jan.Koprowski: Provide --repository-urlfor ClearCase

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What version are you running?
Bleeding edge

What's the URL of the page this enhancement relates to, if any?
None :) just script running process for ClearCase repository

Describe the enhancement and the motivation for it.
In my company there is some custom access to vobs in dynamic view.
Difference is that there exist two assumptions:
1) We want ACL i old ClearCase so we do it on filesystem layer
2) Many users want to made their own dynamic view on unix system

This two assumptions follow to non standard clearcase dynamic view paths in
system. On filesystem looks like:


Now post review assume the path start from /vobs what is not true.
IMHO there is unused --repository-url parameter witch is perfect in meaning
to make customize "place of view == repository url" for clearcase.

--repository-url "/view/user1_view"

will make the given as parameter path will be the prefix to /vobs.
There is only one change. This parameter now works with --revision-range or
--diff-file. For clearcase they have sens also without any of this.

What operating system are you using? What browser?

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