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New issue 1602 by Jan.Koprowski: post-review is extremly useless as external library

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git master

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post-review script architecture

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?

(the biggest one) When I import postreview in mod_python and some function
from postreview just end by die() function I don't see anything on output

die should raise exception which should be catch in calling main() block,
print and then sys.exit(1) which have sens only when running as command
line program

Variable "options" in postreview is global, and "only" way to pass
"options" is use command line parameters. This isn't good.

Some solution is parametrize main() by current options.*

Workaround (example):
import rbtools.postreview as rb

class Empty():

rb.options = Empty()
rb.options.rid = None
rb.options.debug = None
rb.options.username = USERNAME
rb.options.password = PASSOWRD
rb.options.server = SERVER
rb.options.publish = False
rb.options.summary = TITLE
rb.options.bugs_closed = BUGS
rb.options.description = DESCRIPTION
rb.options.submit_as = SUBMIT_AS
rb.options.repository_url = REPOSITORY_URL
rb.options.diff_filename = None
rb.options.ccroot_path = None
rb.options.target_groups = None
rb.options.target_people = REVIEWER
rb.options.branch = None
rb.options.testing_done = None

Run main() with custom tool or home is impossible

Add main() additional parameters like tool, home or something and make the
logic only for run tool as command line before

Some things is could be modified by inject some environment variables as

What operating system are you using? What browser?
Linux / Unix

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