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New issue 1606 by mate.szalay: Explicitly document which versions are database-compatible

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It says:
"Note that if you install an in-development/nightly build, you may not be
able to downgrade back to a stable build, due to database changes. Be
careful when running on production servers, and always back up your database."

Could you please be more explicit? The most important topic is downgrading.

It would help if it were made clear which versions can be downgraded to
which versions.

Can I always downgrade a nightly to the latest dev release? Can I downgrade
1.1alpha3 to 1.1alpha2? Can I always downgrade between two different
"beta2" snapshots?

And an important question: What happens if I downgrade the binaries (with
easy_install) to a database-incompatible version? How will I notice? What
will "rb-site upgrade" do?

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