Comment #6 on issue 292 by chipx86: Email should be asynchronous.

The problem is, we're relying upon Django's e-mail functionality, and we have no control over the method in which that is sent. Fixing this in Review Board involves a
lot of reimplementation.

It definitely shouldn't be that slow, though, unless the connection with the server is really slow or maybe if there are hundreds of users it's trying to send to (at
which point this depends on the server).

The problem is, we either have to call out to some external process to talk to the server (in order to prevent blocking) or talk to the server ourselves. It's not unreasonable to talk to it ourselves, so long as the conversation with the server is
quick. Which it should be.

Are you using mailing lists for the groups? If not, it's sending to each member

What e-mail software are you using?

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