Summary: API to obtain the logged in user's name.
        Status: Confirmed

Comment #5 on issue 1133 by chipx86: API to obtain the logged in user's name.

There likely won't be any resource path for "The logged in user's <anything>". Instead, what I want to do is make it easier to find out the logged in user, and use that for paths, so that we don't end up duplicating all the resources out there.
Otherwise, we'll get requests for the logged in user's:

* review requests
* reviews
* comments
* watched groups
* watched review requests
* profile information


That's just a lot of extra stuff to maintain, and I don't want to go that route. I'll repurpose this bug to make sure we add something for finding out the logged in user's name and information. Perhaps even linking to prebuilt queries for things like the
review requests.

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