Comment #10 on issue 445 by bernard3000: Add command-line apply-diff script

For SVN:

You can always try to download the diff file then run "patch" on a "matching" SVN working-copy. But doing it manually or build a script to do it doesn't change a
problematic flaw in SVN:

For SVN, it is impossible to _reliably_ commit changes from the information that was uploaded by post-review since the "SVN diff" output misses a lot of information. (svn
move,copy,rename without content edits,binary files,explicit file delete).

SVN version 1.8 (1.7 is not out as of this writing) (stephan -- committer of SVN -- mentions that they might fix SVN diff file format -- adding the "git extensions" possibly -- along with a proper SVN patch implementation). With SVN 1.8, you would
simply download the patch, and apply it to a local WC.

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