Comment #4 on issue 466 by bernard3000: Change Ship It to something clearer

It is problematic and -- believe me or not -- in my experience, one of the learning
curve step to anyone using ReviewBoard for the first time (me included).

I am trying to get people to use this tool within the company. Well, to *everybody* (no exceptions!) I had to explicitly explain what that "Ship It checkbox" is for.
Either they had no clue or weren't sure what it did.

I guess this was a nice & cool thing for a home-grown software for a specific "culture", but for a broader usage (as in "the company next door!") something has to be done to stop having to explain it to people. You even have a "FAQ" about it.

Maybe I should order green T-Shirts with the word "Ship It!" in the front and "Review
Board User" in the back? Like it is a brand-thing.

..But we can all learn it of course. This is just a usability quirk. I think one of the goal to Review Board is its usability and slickness -- so in the name of that, I
would do something here. (have you looked at codestrikker?)

If you really want to keep it (because of "branding consideration") then add some
explanation text everywhere it appears.  Else, either change it OR have a
configuration option to change it.

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