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New issue 1653 by AaronJSherman: post-review polls all svn repositories

What version are you running? tested on several versions, latest was
RBTools 0.2 against reviewboard 1.0.8.

What's the URL of the page containing the problem? N/A

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Add an svn repo to reviewboard
2. Add a second svn repo to reviewboard
3. Check out the second repo
4. Make a change
5. Set .reviewboardrc if needed
6. post-review

If you watch the logs while you do this, you will see that the first
repository is polled before contacting the second. I understand that "svn
info" doesn't always give you the same URL as the one that was inserted
into reviewboard's configuration (e.g. if someone checked out locally or
via a different protocol). However, when the two do match, polling each
repository exposes the user to failure modes that have nothing to do with
the repository that they are trying to use.

I would think that the correct solution is to try to match the svn info URL
against the list of repositories without polling them, and then to poll the
repositories if more information is needed to make the match.

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