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New issue 1658 by zakness: dont notify me about something i just did

RB should be smart enough to not email someone about a change they just made.

Here's the scenario:

Our team has set up several default reviewers based on file path regexes (a
very handy feature). We have done this by adding specific people (not
groups). We're using a post-commit hook. We have email notifications turned on.


I often commit into areas where I'm also a default reviewer:
* When I commit something I get an email saying I've requested a new review.
* When I comment on something I get an email saying I commented.
* When I publish a review I get an email.
* etc.

I can think of two solutions:

1. When RB is about to send a notification based on a user action, remove
that user from the list of recipients (make it a preference if you like)
2. When RB decides who to add as default reviewer, never add the submitter
even if they appear in the default reviewer list (this would definitely
have to be a preference)

I would say #1 is the better, more general solution. What do you guys think?

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