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New issue 1659 by bernard3000: Ability to mark files that have been reviewed - or just a file collapse option

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Easily getting lost when doing long reviews.

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When performing a large review (lots of files) we hardly go in the same
order it is presented and you often have to stop in the middle to do other

Have a way to somehow mark files. (Would be used to tag which ones needs to
be looked at to finish the review). As in Gmail "Starred", you could even
rotate between  3 or 4 multiple-color marks (green check, red exclamation,
yellow warning sign). Those marks would be actionable from the list of
files at tiny icons (top and bottom index) and directly from the top (and
bottom?) of the diff also (as bigger icons).

At the same time it would be nice to be able to collapse the whole "diff"
section of a file.

The gotcha here is that these states would need to be retained and attached
to the current user (not visible to others).

Alternatively, just have a way to collapse a file without that state being
stored in the database. This might be just enough as a starter for this
feature. The idea is that you would use the collapse as a "flag" and would
have to leave your window open over many days - over the course of that
long review.

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