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New issue 1660 by alleonik: djblets.utils.misc.cache_memoize wrong work for large data in some cases

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What version are you running?

If review contain many changes in big file, I gets in logs that strings:

2010-05-20 19:57:30,058 - INFO - Cache miss for key
2010-05-20 19:57:30,059 - WARNING - Failed to fetch large data from cache
for key .

I try to look into code and find that next code from Djblets-0.5.5-
py2.5.egg/djblets/util/ includes several issue:

def _cache_fetch_large_data(cache, key):
    chunk_count = cache.get(key)
    data = []

    chunk_keys = ['%s-%d' % (key, i) for i in range(int(chunk_count))]
    chunks = cache.get_many(chunk_keys)
    for chunk_key in chunk_keys:
<<<<<<<<<<<<< 1st <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
<<<<<<< !!! read 1st element of list !!! ^^^^
        except KeyError:
  'Cache miss for key %s.' % chunk_key)
            raise MissingChunkError

    data = ''.join(data)

    data = zlib.decompress(data)
        unpickler = pickle.Unpickler(StringIO(data))
        data = unpickler.load()
    except Exception, e:
        logging.warning("Unpickle error for cache key %s: %s." % (key, e))
        raise e

    return data

def _cache_store_large_data(cache, key, data, expiration):
    file = StringIO()
    pickler = pickle.Pickler(file)
    data = file.getvalue()
    data = zlib.compress(data)

    i = 0
    while len(data) > CACHE_CHUNK_SIZE:
        chunk = data[0:CACHE_CHUNK_SIZE]
        data = data[CACHE_CHUNK_SIZE:]
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 2nd <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
        cache.set('%s-%d' % (key, i), chunk, expiration)
<<<<<<< !!! save string, not list !!! ^^^^^ <<<
        i += 1
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 3td <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    cache.set('%s-%d' % (key, i), [data], expiration)
<<< !!! save list, not string !!! ^^^^^^^ <<<<<

    cache.set(key, '%d' % (i + 1), expiration)

As we can see type of save and read data is not compatible. But is it not
all. In 3th case if len(data) about CACHE_CHUNK_SIZE cache.set may try to
save object with size is greater megabyte and failed.

I change this code so save and read string - in 1st case remove [0], and
in 3th - remove square brackets.

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