Status: Fixed

Comment #4 on issue 1614 by chipx86: When updating a review without specifying '-r', server gives error "HTTP Error 409: Conflict"

Okay, either way, this should no longer be a bug.

I believe it was due to not using a new enough RBTools, as your version of Review Board was using non-HTTP 200 responses for errors, which older RBTools doesn't support. However, that has been reverted, and the old API (which RBTools uses) is now
the same as it was in 1.0.x.

RBTools should normally handle that API Error 204 result and do the right thing, but if it was an older version that didn't understand non-HTTP 200 responses, it would think it hit some unsupported error path and bail, which is what happened there.

So, this is basically fixed now.

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