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New issue 1686 by AaronJSherman: New feature request: code commentary

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We'd love to see a way to add commentary on code before publishing a review in order to explain changes inline in a similar fashion to reviewing inline. Some slightly different UI elements might make sense for this, though:

* A different visual cue to highlight the comment for reviewers as they read the diffs * Ability to "reply" to such a note, thus attaching the review comment to the line of code AND to the note so that both contexts are preserved on the reviews page. * Perhaps a set of links on the main review page under the description to the notes.

Here's a use case:

I modify GNU fsutils to make rm not delete symlinks when provided a --no-symlinks option. I post a review, but before publishing, I want to explain inline that the use of stat and not lstat in a given section of code was a conscious choice, and yielded an important benefit. I make this comment on that particular line of code and then reviewers can respond more cogently.

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