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New issue 1691 by ericbrandon: "Archive" reviews to hide from dashboard

[What version are you running?] 1.0.7
[What's the URL of the page this enhancement relates to, if any?] Dashboard
[Describe the enhancement and the motivation for it.]

Individual reviewers should be able to "archive" reviews after finishing with them. Once a reviewer archives a review, the review should disappear from the reviewer's dashboard until there is a further change to the review (e.g., new comment, diff, etc.).

The idea is very similar to the archive feature in Gmail. There, once a conversation is archived, it disappears from a user's inbox until there's a new email on the thread.

The motivation is usability. Currently, reviews disappear from a user's dashboard only when the submitter has decided to mark the review as submitted (or discarded). There is a particular problem when submitters forget to mark a review as submitted; currently, the only solution is to nag the submitter.

The current approach seems backwards: it should be up to a reviewer to control what reviews show up on his/her dashboard.

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