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New issue 1710 by repenning.jack: Bad link (subversion installers) in installation dox

What's the URL of the page containing the problem?

Describe the problem and any recommendations below.
Link text: Subversion downloads
Link target:
Problem: that folder no longer exists
Symptom: Tigris site reports servlet error (which is pretty bogus, but not ReviewBoard's problem!) Suggested replacement target:

Please provide any additional information below.
The folder you've linked two was formerly maintained by community volunteers, but has fallen into disuse (hasn't been updated in half a dozen releases). The volunteers abandoned this process because professionally built and certified (but still free) installers are now available. The contents of these folders have become stale, and will soon be entirely superseded (by Subversion 1.7). The Tigris folders were rearranged to draw attention to this, and lead users to more current installers.

There are a couple sources, but the one I suggested above is the most popular. Alternatively, but somewhat less directly, you might link to the community's package directory, from which your users would then select their own installers for any platform:

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