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New issue 1713 by daniel.shiryu: fails with API Error 105

We use the pre-commit-hook from this review: It uses the api-classes in from RBTools 0.2 to make the calls to the server and create a new review-request. Since upgrading from 1.5beta2 to 1.5rc1 the commit-hook does not work anymore because of the following error:
HTTP POSTing to {'basedir': '/'}
Got API Error 105 (HTTP code 200): One or more fields had errors
Error data: {'fields': {'path': ['table diffviewer_filediff has no column named status']}, 'stat': 'fail', 'err': {'msg': 'One or more fields had errors', 'code': 105}, 'deprecated': {'in_version': '1.5'}}

Is this a regression introduced in ReviewBoard 1.5rc1, or is it that or the pre-commit-hook is outdated and needs fixing?

What version are you running?
ReviewBoard 1.5RC1.

What's the URL of the page containing the problem?
Probably api/json/reviewrequests/44/diff/new/

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Try to create a new review-request through the commit-handler (which uses

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