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New issue 1726 by arunbalaji1985: Question regarding usage of ReviewBoard for review of arbitrary files

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I have a requirement here where I would like to use reviewboard for reviewing files which are arbitrary.

By arbitrary, I am referring to files which do not belong to any repository.
But I would like to make use of ReviewBoard's features like incremental diffs etc to have a diff between an arbitrary file1 and versions of file2, which is again not part of any repo.

From the docs I find that reviewboard mandates the specification of the base diff path for posting files for review. Is there any way to handle the requirement posted here?

Also is there a group/support team for RB, to whom I can mail this question?

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Windows XP + Unix, IE and Firefox

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My company has been using ReviewBoard for a while now and it has been really useful and has made our code review process easier.
The above requirement would help us make more clients use this tool


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