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New issue 1753 by rigo.mate: post-review problem with mercurial

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Reviewboard 1.5 RC1
RBTools 0.2
Windows XP
Python 2.6.5

The problem does actually regard the RBTools' post-review tool.
Repository is used with Mercurial 1.6.2

What steps will reproduce the problem?

While trying to post a review from a branch which is not on the server.
Using the "--parent" + the "--revision-range" option.
Posting a review request this way only works, if the parent changeset is next to the "--revision-ranges"'s start changeset.

for example:

post-review --server=http://localhost/ --revision-range=17:40 --parent 16
would work

post-review --server=http://localhost/ --revision-range=18:40 --parent 16
would not work.

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