Comment #5 on issue 1615 by Removing a file after it has been svn added causes post-review to not work

I am seeing the same issue using SVN 1.6.12 and GNU diff 2.8.7

On top of this error, I am also seeing the following in my debug output:
svn info http://localhost:8081/EIAD/DOTNET/TakeItBackManager/trunk/
diff --version
repository info: Path: http://localhost:8081, Base path: /EIAD/DOTNET/TakeItBackManager/trunk, Supports changesets: False svn diff --diff-cmd=diff http://localhost:8081/EIAD/DOTNET/TakeItBackManager/tr...@17045 http://localhost:8081/EIAD/DOTNET/TakeItBackManager/tr...@17489
, "svn: 'diff' returned 2\n", 'svn: Error reading spooled REPORT request response\n']

It looks as though I have 2 errors. Both seem to have to do with a file being removed and re-added in a range of changesets.

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