Comment #6 on issue 1750 by roy.jean.francois: Unable to dd svn+ssh repository when host requires rsa cert auth & disallows password auth

It's clearly a failure in pysvn.info2. One interesting piece of information is that if I include my username in the repository URL, the call succeeds.

In other words, assuming username <user> is the access user for host <host> and the repo is at <repo> on that host, not specifying the user in the URL yields this:

import pysvn
client = pysvn.Client()

In other words, an interactive password prompt, which of course eventually times out on the server (might explain the error message).

However, if I then to this (after pressing Control-C to interrupt the previous call):


Then I get the repo information without any prompt.

Furthermore, if I do this instead:

client = pysvn.Client()

I still get an interactive password prompt.

So there you have it...

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