Status: Fixed
        Owner: chipx86
        Labels: Milestone-Release1.5 Component-Accounts

Comment #6 on issue 1793 by chipx86: Authentication failure with full gecos

Yeah, this should now be fixed on master (b7889fc) and release-1.0.x (25e4965).

This will be part of the upcoming Review Board 1.5 RC2 release. However, you can make the fix yourself short-term. This will help to verify it, though from your example and from others, it appears to work in my testing.

Open reviewboard/reviewboard/accounts/backends.py and find 'get_or_create_user' in the 'NISBackend' class. There will be a line that looks like:

    names = passwd[4].split(' ', 1)

Change that to:

    names = passwd[4].split(',')[0].split(' ', 1)

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