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New issue 1827 by Karrde712: Sending notification emails fails

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What version are you running?

ReviewBoard 1.5 RC2
RHEL 5 using ReviewBoard-1.5-16.rc2.el5 from the EPEL-5 repository
Django 1.1.1

What's the URL of the page containing the problem?

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Configure email in the admin interface
2. Publish a review request, a review, or a reply

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
Email should be sent to the intended recipients.
No email is sent.

I added some debug logging to reviews/ and notifications/ to write a log message when sending the Django signal and receiving it in the handler.

The send message is printed, so I know that reply_published.send() is called, however I never see the receive message. So it looks like there's something wrong with the signaling.

Could this be a Django 1.1.x vs. 1.2.x issue? As noted above, I'm still on Django 1.1.x and have restrictions on my ability to upgrade.

What operating system are you using? What browser?
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5

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