Comment #3 on issue 1657 by julian.mehnle: Diff viewer path2id missing attribute error in ReviewBoard 1.0.8 with Bazaar

I just reproduced this on my Review Board 1.5 RC2 instance using a bzr+ssh repo. I don't know if RB is handling that repo correctly (since creating a review request by manually uploading a diff is my first test), but I at least managed to successfully configure the repo in RB.

After hitting the "Create Review Request" button it reloads the page and tells me in red letters:

    'NoneType' object has no attribute 'path2id'

and the "Diff" upload field is cleared.

I can perform more testing if necessary.

        reviewboard-bzr-NoneType-object-has-no-attribute-path2id.png  25.9 KB

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