Comment #4 on issue 1545 by gavin.mcquillan: Upgrade from to 1.5beta1 fails evolution

Okay -- update -- I got it working by manually running the migration.

Basically, I symlinked my into the reviewboard egg directory and ran

# ./ evolve --hint

to make sure that everything was working alright. Then,

# ./ evolve --sql

to get the output of the migration SQL that I'll need to apply. It turns out that the migrations don't apply on Postgres because there are non-transactional safe changes that are being made. In this case, updating a table and then altering it cannot be done within the same transaction.

The solution was to take the sql generated by evolve and carefully put whatever we could into transactions and commit after every update. After this, we had a working site. However, using postreview extension for mercurial we ran into 500s.

Looking through the logs I found that it was a Database Permissions error. I queried around in our pgsql server, and sure enough, a new table we created in the reviewboard table was owned by postgres (since that was the user we used to perform the migration). I just changed the ownership of this one table, and everything has been running well since.

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