Comment #5 on issue 929 by reviewboard should not alter the diff file

I wonder if this wouldn't still be a good idea. I was trying to review the other day because I thought it might address this problem, at least for git. However, besides missing the mail headers from format-patch, it was also missing the new file mode lines, so even once I had an appropriate base to apply on, I had to manually edit the diff just to get it to apply.

I suspect there's always going to be the risk of losing portions of a diff if you break up and process it and then try to recreate it. Saving a pristine 'patch' alongside the reviewboard internal diff segments might actually be a more robust approach.

Whatever we do, we really need to do something. I was hoping Eduardo's patch would do this, but it definitely had some bugs in it and I'm a bit confused over the 'bundle' concept he introduced since a format-patch output is only a single patch...

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