Comment #2 on issue 1874 by jormon: post-review does not properly parse diffs between commits in a branch on a git-svn repository

post-review --debug -n --parent=HEAD^
svn info
git rev-parse --git-dir
git symbolic-ref -q HEAD
git svn info
repository info: Path: ****, Base path: ***, Supports changesets: False
git config --get reviewboard.url
git merge-base HEAD^ refs/heads/test
git diff --no-color --no-prefix -r -u HEAD^..
git svn find-rev HEAD^
git diff --no-color --no-prefix -r -u 876661497ba5664a7d3b1a2fa7b7232e75ffe643..HEAD^
git svn find-rev 876661497ba5664a7d3b1a2fa7b7232e75ffe643
git log --pretty=format:%s HEAD^..
git log --pretty=format:%s%n%n%b HEAD^..

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